Owning a board game collection requires a lot of investment with worrying about preserving the quality in a long run. There are many ways to protect your games without affect the game experience.

And in d20 Board Game Care, we provide you these board game protection. 

Box Sleeving

Semi-cover: Size dependant 20.000-70.000 vnd
Full-cover: Size dependant 30.000-100.000 vnd

3 months warranty

Enhance Board Game

     Your favourite board game has too many components and so messy to setup? You want to enhance your components and have a unique board game tools?
Here we provide 3D printing service where we can design custom models, making any 3D request from you to enhance your board game!!!

Board Game Restore

     Your board game lost some components? Your tokens are damaged? Or maybe your card is marked?

     Our Board Game Restore service will bring them all back with worthy replacement!!!



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